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My Sacred Work


An Excerpt from the Book

I Remember Union: The Story Of Mary Magdalena

By Flo Calhoun


And They Came To Me, The People


My hair was colored with henna, my highlights red-gold in

the sunlight, upon the black.
In my cells was the magic of the night
And as I walked,

The moon and the essence of the Goddess

Pulsated my body.


A rhythm vibrated
As shimmering starlight on the water,
Barely perceptible, an illusion of movement

Overly density
And it excited the senses.


My spirit merged
With the cells of my body
And there was a dance
As they spoke, one to the other,
As wind and fire uniting
E x p l o s I v e
To fuel the fullness
Of my expression in being.


A radiance surrounded me,
An aliveness
Permeated the air
And set me apart.


The people felt this radiance
And were drawn to it, and therefore to me.


They came expecting me to give them something-
Physical pleasure, love, something.

They would leave not knowing what I had done,
And yet knowing at the same time.

It was different from anything they ever had
Experienced before: form, and yet, formless.


They would expect me to do what their wives,
Husbands, mothers, fathers, lovers or friends had done,

And I had not.
For my calling was to their soul,
And I served it as my master
And would not stray from my calling.


They came to learn the lesson of their immortality,
The true lessons of the soul,
For there was nowhere else for them to learn it.
Their religion taught them only what they were not:
Took from them their power,

Did not reflect to them their own truth of their own divinity.
It was incredible that they believed this judgement came

from the creator of their life.


God would not act as such.


They would understand their soul’s calling,
To listen to the code of the destiny within them,
And they would learn of me
And find their way to my door.


They came, for I lifted up their hearts,
Their souls, their bodies, and their spirits,
Nurturing their essence
So they felt they and knew
Their power and purpose again.


They came to me in the night and the day
For the experience of




It would take many forms, this journey.
Fear had locked them into the prison of their minds,
And together we would free them.
Rather than fearing God or death or separation,
They learned to honor themselves
And to know the purpose of their choice to be human.
They learned to face the fear of void within them,
The darkness which they had come to name as
Sin, vulgarity, hatred, and vengeance.


At first, as the void called them to its brink,
They would stumble and hold back in terror


And then they chose to find themselves-
Coming to the void

Having the courage
To leap from the illusion and fear
And fly wings unseen,
Trusting the invisible.


To be with people in this way
Was my greatest calling.
It was for me a gift
The same as being home,
A blessing from the Gods.


They're bodies were the entries in to their souls,
The path of their divinity,

And I would touch them in the centers of their energy

As a gentle healer.


They had forgotten that
When awareness directs the pathway,
The frequencies of the
Body, emotion, mind, and spirit
Are balanced.


They had been taught to direct their pathway with their mind,
And so their frequencies were unbalanced,
Causing separation, fear and dis-ease
In the body, and so they would come to me.


I would call forth the life within them,

Banishing fear

And bringing about a merging of these levels
Into unity, balancing the frequencies.


I breathed the current
Of the fiber into their cells
As I had been taught.
I called forth from them
Their light and life.


The cells knew who I was and
Danced within the framework
Of their universe
And laughed in remembrance
Of their true being.


They would sleep as I made the sounds
Of the angels’ flutes into their cells,
And the levels would come into harmony.

When they awoke,
A fine mist of sweat covered their flesh
From what had been released
And a glow of warm red
Appeared in their cheeks.
They felt as if the Gods,
Had danced in their hearts,
As of course
they had.


Coming to see me again,
I would anchor light
Into the darkness
Which they held as beliefs
Within the physical body.


Again through my breath
I would touch them gently
In the places of their power
Creating a wave of energy.


Their life force then rose within their spines.
They felt the joy and excitement of freedom
And the acknowledgement of belonging,
Trusting their spirit.


The body would come alive and dance.
This would sometimes feel
Like a physical release, or
A sexual release,
But it was not.


They diminished their forces of life
By living from their minds,
And so their only experience of this life force
Was through sexual act.


They wondered how this wave of life
Could be fostered and nurtured,
Experienced within their cells and levels,

And in their lives.
And when they came back to me,
I would show them this.


I taught them to create aliveness
By balancing their male and female,
Their human and divine,
Their knowledge with substance.


They came to feel this unity
Within themselves,
And to share this with another soul
Who did not judge them.


Our bond reached through
The human vale of tears
Transcending our bodies
And our identities.
For a time


They remembered their origin
And their divinity.


They talked of it in different words
But it was always the same,
The merging into oneness,


The remembrance of the fiber of being.


As they remembered their union with all,
We lived the reality of union together.


And because it was
The nearest thing to home,
It fed me continually with truth
In an untrue world.


And therefore,


I  R E J O I C E D

Sacred Intimacy

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