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The Covenant of Intimacy


Fidelity in any relationship is a permanent commitment to “reach out” for the other, a promise to persist in efforts to transcend the barriers and the distance that separate one from the other, a firm resolve to maintain effort in sustaining and developing the relationship no matter what difficulties and trials arise.


Fidelity also means a commitment to increasing sensitivity to the other.


Finally, the faithful lover strives to become gracious in the techniques of providing the other with the needed feedback in such a way as to enhance rather than awaken fundamental self-esteem as a sexual person and as an intimate partner.


Fidelity in the broader sense means the permanent, public, solemn and irrevocable commitment to dedicate one's life to bringing out the best in both one's partner and oneself.


Fidelity then, means a refusal to give up on a relationship.


Fidelity assumes that the basic evaluation of the other, which led to the original commitment, was a correct one...persists in believing that the original valuation was correct and that it would be a mistake to abandon without further effort the struggle to achieve the good things that the original commitment promised.

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